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I'm Marbry Walker, a Portland-based designer specializing in brand design for solopreneurs. 

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Marketing & business resources

Marketing is not a skill I had when I began my business. I’ve had to learn on the job, and for many years I didn’t market my business at all. It’s been a process (sometimes a very slow-moving one) and I now feel like marketing is not the elusive goal it used to be, but a tangible part of my ongoing business practice. This list is a collection of the resources I’ve found while learning how to market my own business:

Social Media Marketing

LKR Social Media

I have only begun to take advantage of social media, and as I do so, I look to Laura’s advice and services to help me learn how and what to incorporate into my practice. She can take you from zero to pro in whatever social media space you want to learn about. She also hands out actionable advice in her free weekly newsletter.

Business & Marketing

Seth Godin

Godin’s bio reads, “American Way Magazine calls him, "America's Greatest Marketer," and his blog is perhaps the most popular in the world written by a single individual.” I just recommend you read his blog. I do.

Marie Forleo

She has a great weekly blog/video post. It’s free!

Word Of Mouth Marketing

Saul Colt

Check out his blog and videos where he talks about how he uses word of mouth marketing.

Church of the Customer blog

I just recently stumbled upon this blog by Jackie Huba & Ben McConnell. And I’m so glad I did.