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How to create a visually inspiring (slide) presentation. Six rules to follow.

Obviously, if your content is not inspiring, this won’t help you at all. Let’s assume you’ve got something to say and an audience that needs or wants to hear it. Follow these rules when composing your slides:

  1. Each slide should contain one point or idea. Imagery, if any, should support or reinforce the ideas on the slide. 
  2. Be very selective about what you will allow to take up real-estate on your slides. Does your logo really need to be on every slide? Really? Seriously, why?
  3. Use one or two typefaces consistently throughout the deck, and set the point size to 30 or larger.
  4. Use color consistently. Except for when you’re applying number 5 (below). 
  5. Be unexpected. If most of your slides have a white background, every once in a while make one of them a colored background to make a point stand out or to signal a shift into another area of your talk. 
  6. Be engaging. If you follow the rules above, you probably don’t have to try very hard to do this.

There’s certainly more that can be said about creating an effective slide show, but this gives you a quick set of rules to get you started.

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