Marbry Walker | Brand Design in Portland, Oregon

I'm Marbry Walker, a Portland-based designer specializing in brand design for solopreneurs. 

What to do if you can’t afford custom design services, but need your business to make a good impression?

So, I created a new service to meet a problem that I've been bumping into, but didn't have a proper solution for. It's this: Some people need their business to look and feel professional, but cannot afford a custom design service. And I only offer custom design services.

It seemed to me that there was no solution I could provide that these small business owners could afford until it dawned on me: templates. Templates? TEMPLATES!

What if I worked from a template? Then I'd essentially be doing production design work. That means that I'm basically just swapping out images and text and making layout adjustments. This is predictable and simple.

What if I curated a handful of design options that you could choose from?

What if you have your own template and I use that? And/or brand elements (colors, logo, images)?

What if we could eliminate meetings to save time?

What if I created a streamlined order form that captured:

  • your design selections (or your brand colors, fonts & images, if you have them)
  • your template (if you have one)
  • your content uploaded
  • showed you the price for your project
  • and allowed you to pay upon form submission?

This would eliminate all the back and forth emails to discuss project details, contracts, payments, plus no need for meetings or phone calls.

This would mean a super clear, super streamlined process for getting a predictable product. No surprises. Just a beautiful, done-for-you solution that saves you tons of time and delivers great value for your business.

And I can do it at these prices because it saves me tons of time, too.

But isn't custom design the ideal? Shouldn't I hold out until I can afford custom design?

Look, yes, custom design is ideal. Why? Because it's tailored to your business, goals and audience. When I know all these things I can make smart suggestions and recommendations that optimize the value your design brings to your business.

But should you hold out? I guess if you feel like your business can hold out, then why pay for design at all? Only you can really answer this for yourself. If your business can afford it, and it would benefit from the service, then it’s well worth considering.

So can design help my business if we're using a template?

Yes. Because something well designed is miles ahead of this. Always. Custom is best, but when your budget is tight, templates might be good enough. It's going to boost your credibility and trust factor, it will get attention, be enjoyable to look at and read, and it will make a positive impression. Bottom line: Design can elevate the value of your product.

$100 posters, $80 flyers,
and reports that start at $140.

Get yours designed.

Note: space is limited to 10 spots per/week. Forms close once the spots are filled. Spots open up again when projects are delivered.