Marbry Walker | Brand Design in Portland, Oregon

I'm Marbry Walker, a Portland-based designer specializing in brand design for solopreneurs. 


Are you frustrated with certain parts of your brand because it's out of date, or maybe you never really branded in the first place? Maybe you're just getting started with your business, and you've been skating by with a cheap logo from some website. But you're not happy with it, are you?

Maybe you really want your brand outsides to match your brand insides, but you don't have the budget to do it all at one time. 

You need someone to help you sort out what's going on with your brand and give you a plan to build the brand of your dreams. 

Get a Brand Plan for creating or updating your brand that you can apply at your own pace. What you get:

2 brand discovery sessions

kicking off together & starting with your “why”
presenting your brand plan & answering questions


a 12-page report detailing my review & an outline for next step strategies

How it works

This process makes sure your business has a voice (that’s you!) and a guide (that’s me!) along the way. What to expect:


We're digging in under the surface and discussing  everything from why you started your business, to who's going to see your brand - and what you want them to feel & do next.

NEXT WE talk about your plan

I take some time to gather my findings & recommendations, then we check in after I present your brand plan. 


When will I get my finished report?

You'll get it about 3 weeks after you pay for the service.

What does the Brand Plan include?

I will evaluate the following categories of your brand: Purpose, Audience, Vision + Goals, Work, Setting Expectations (with your customers), Proof, Calls to Action and Look & Feel. Drawing from these evaluations I'll include a plan that helps you build your brand to match your vision and help you to reach your business goals, whatever they might be. 

How much does it cost?


What if I need help doing the things you recommend?

I'll do my best to make recommendations that fit your budget, DIY interest level and skills. 

Can I hire you to do some of the things?

Yes!* If you need design help to implement your plan after our engagement, you'll have the opportunity to work with me on an a la carte basis. 

*This is something I like to reserve only for people who have gone through the Brand Plan or the Brand Package. No a la carte designing for just anyone!

Can I hire someone else to do some of the things?


Are you good at this sort of thing?

Here's what one client said about working with me:

I would recommend Marbry for her work and spot on assessments of the brand landscape we were developing. With her expertise and guidance we were able provide visual consistency and professionalism to our Sustainability Initiative outreach materials.
— Whitney Rideout, formerly at Oregon Association of Nurseries


Still have questions?

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