Marbry Walker | Brand Design in Portland, Oregon

I'm Marbry Walker, a Portland-based designer specializing in brand design for solopreneurs. 

I plan & design the brand elements businesses need to look great selling what they do.

I love working with owners & entrepreneurs who are willing to put themselves into their brand before they put it out there as we take an honest look at what makes their business special. These are my services: 

The Brand Package is for creating or updating your brand. You may be launching a small business, a new product, or simply need better-branded elements for your already growing business. I plan and design the brand elements (including logos) that get you looking and feeling good about what you sell and do. $2,000-$6,000

The Brand Plan. Don't have the budget for a full branding engagement? Hoping to evolve your brand as you go? With The Brand Plan, you'll get a roadmap for creating or updating your brand on your own time and within your budget. $495

Custom Design Projects. We start with a design meeting to get on the same page about your design direction. From there I design your annual report, website, poster or brochure (Or something else? Only one way to find out.). 

To get started just add your email address to this form, and I'll send you an email with questions about your project and next steps to schedule your consultation.